23 June 2020

Face Masks? Go couture!

Our friend and couturier Nevena Nikolova has proved that even through a pandemic- couture NEVER goes out of style!

NEVENA is a British Couture House established in 2001 by its eponymous Founder and Couturier, Nevena Nikolova. The brand epitomises Couture in its purest form. Timelessness, beauty, authenticity and collectibility are delivered through each and every intricately hand finished and exquisitely detailed piece with an uncompromising commitment to attaining impeccable fit and comfort using the finest of materials.

London based and Bulgarian born, Nevena’s dedication to the upholding of core Couture traditions have earned her the acclaim of the most renowned of publications including Vogue, Tatler and the Financial Times and made NEVENA the go to House for distinguished modern refinement.

Nevena’s pieces have been commissioned for the most illustrious of occasions; from private audiences with the Queen at Buckingham Palace to attending the Enthronement of the Emperor of Japan, to experiencing the sense of occasion of the Vienna Opera Ball to dressing for Ladies Day at Royal Ascot to conducting the highest level business deals, First Ladies, dignitaries, fashion muses, professionals and entrepreneurs have turned to Nevena to deliver Couture individual to both the occasion and the woman wearing it.

Photo from www.nevena.co.uk with kind permission.

During this incredibly hard and difficult time Nevena and her couture team have come up with a beautiful project, in order to bring some joy and light into the new habits that we will have to face during this pandemic.

While face masks become a necessity in our every-day life, why not wear them with a smile and feeling beautiful?

Nevena’s mask are washable, eco-friendly, anti-allergic and anti-dust, non surgical and handcrafted with French lace.

Photo from www.nevena.co.uk with kind permission.

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