‘Sex and the City‘ style – then and now

‘Sex and the City’ is back, and we can’t help but wonder… no, what happened to Samantha or if Carrie and Mr Big stay together  – but if Carrie’s still, after all these years, wearing her signature nameplate necklace.

Costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago picked a few favorites from Carrie’s archive (played by Sarah Jessica Parker). The star confessed that the ‘SATC’ wardrobe contains “every single solitary thing” she wore on the iconic show.

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Proud to be a shoes lover 

More than 20 years have passed since the image of Carrie Bradshaw walking down a Manhattan street in a tutu.

Since then, ‘Sex and the City’ has changed the way audiences interact with contemporary costume design. Even after two decades it is impossible to think Manolo Blahnik without conjuring an image of his biggest fan dropping her cash on a new pair of his heels. Now Carrie is back in ‘…And Just Like That’ and so is her romance with the shoe brand.

Photo from Vogue with kind permission.

“This is not a bag, it is a BAGUETTE!” 

Carrie brought back a major piece of ‘Sex and the City’ fashion history.

In ‘…And Just Like That’ Carrie Bradshaw was finally reunited with a long-lost item from her 90s wardrobe.

Back in season three, in an episode titled “What goes around comes around” Carrie gets lost near Houston S., but when she goes to ask a man for directions, she ends up with a gun pointed at her chest.

Guess what was the first thing the attacker asked?

Her purple sequins Fendi Baguette.

“Give me your bag” – the robber tells her, and Carrie replies:” It is a BAGUETTE!”.

The man runs away with her purse, some jewelry, and Carrie’s favorite pair of Manolo Blahnik’s sandals.

Launched in 1997, the Fendi Baguette thanks in no small part for its regular appearance on ‘Sex and the City’ became an instant classic, absolutely iconic.

Parker even interpreted her role in a Fendi commercial in 2019 and we absolutely need that bag (oops Baguette!) in our wardrobe.

Photo from My Theresa and Net-a-Porter with kind permission.

Carrie Bradshaw’s dress: the iconic Diana dress. 

When SJP was spotted on the ‘…And Just Like That’ set in a draped powder blue bodycon dress by Norma Kamali, many of us fans recognised the look as pure Carrie Bradshaw – a bit more grown-up than her looks from the original ‘Sex and the City’.

The dress is a Norma Kamali and it was first introduced more than 40 years ago.

The Diana dress is a staple. Seeing Carrie wearing it in a new phase of her life was something special.

That image said, this is ‘Sex and the City’ Carrie is a woman who is aging with power and looks fantastic. Her body is different yet fabulous. She is in command and she looks undoubtedly beautiful.

Inarguably wow moment!

Photo from Vogue with kind permission.

The most conversation-sparking Carrie Bradshaw outfits from the set of ‘…And Just Like That’

We take a look at some of Carrie’s looks from the set of the show.

There is no denying that Bradshaw continues to fascinate us all with quirky fashion choices.

From Norma Kamali’s baby-blue take on the “naked” dress to SJP’s gingham moment, here are some of the wildest outfits from the set to date.

From the top left, Carrie is styled in a grey cardigan, striped full skirt, and heels in crimson, as well as a matching grey coat and fedora hat. Looking extremely chic and strong in a beige dress, embroidered floral jacket, two mini bags, and a characterful hat, that is embellished with feathers. A Carolina Herrera polka-dot full skirt adorned Carrie’s stunning silhouette, matched with a long-sleeve top, pumps, and statement headdress. The ‘Sex and the City’ star looks elegant in a boat-neck dress, that’s worn with pink heels and a statement black handbag. SJP was captured between takes wearing a sequin multi-coloured dress, a beige cardigan, and a pair of strappy platform sandals.

As fans, we all know the strong bond between Carrie and the fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The star is seen wearing a vintage vibrant blue dress, silver Celine heels, and a metallic tote bag by Paco Rabanne. Remarkable was her vintage paisley dress, styled with a blue button-up shirt, Terry de Havilland platform sandals, and Balenciaga and Gucci’s hybrid Hourglass bag.

A quintessential Carrie’s moment is a striped breton top, floor-length white tutu skirt, sequin Fendi baguette, and a pair of white Chanel boots.

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